Creative SPARKS

In response to the restriction of physical programs due to COVID-19, Umbrella recently called for innovative program proposals for digital experiences.

The Creative Sparks stream of this program focuses on artist-led experiences that excite and innovate. We are also delivering new Creative Kids commissions and Creative Industries programs as separate streams.

Image: Shutterstock

Sessions will be delivered digitally approximately fortnightly, with dates and links to be announced soon and listed below.

Hidden Marks | Nigel Matejcic live-streamed Saturday 20 June and on display 26 June – 9 August 2020.
Insiders | Katya Venter – 26 June – 9 August 2020. 
Semiotics of the Bathroom |
Sonia Ward – 14 August – 27 September 2020. 
Creative Sparks #4 –
Creative Sparks #5 – TBC