Two Tone Melodyby Jo Lankester & Hannah Murray

Collagraph & Etching

Unique State print

23.4 x 35 cm

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About the artist

Jo Lankester & Hannah Murray first worked in collaboration in 2011 for their exhibition Paper Bird, displayed at Umbrella Studio contemporary arts. The collaborative pieces in the exhibition brought together the individual styles of each artist symbolising their common shared journey – one of personal change, transformation and artistic freedom. The process of working in collaboration, a first for both artists, had been an unexpectedly positive and inspiring experience.

In 2014 the artists built on this experience to create a suite of collaborative prints for the PressNorth Printmakers exhibition Wanderlust. This new work saw a shift in their imagery from birds to orchids, combining their distinctive styles to create unique state prints and variable editions with an aesthetic approach.

They continue to work in collaboration in 2016 exploring composition, texture and colour on a new body of work titled Wallflower. This new work is an extension of an ongoing print collaboration that explores the symbolic and aesthetic qualities of abstracted patterns found on the outer layer of a tree trunk or the surface of rocks, and floral imagery. As with any collaboration a symbiotic relationship must exist to coexist. Trees and rocks share a symbol of antiquity, immense and enduring strength, and protection. In contrast a flower is fugacious and fleeting. Wallflower will aim to present a seductive and resolved body of work that explores this contradiction.



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