Lisa Ascroft The Strand

The Strandby Lisa Ashcroft

Watercolour on card

21 x 15cm

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About the artist

Lisa Ashcroft was born in Lancashire, England and attended Cyprus College of Art and the School of the Fine Arts, New York. She currently has a studio at home in Queensland, where she is developing her art practice. Lisa has paintings in private collections in the UK, Cyprus, America, Japan and Spain. She has exhibited painting in multiple solo and group shows over the last 20 years, including, London, Manchester, Cyprus, Brisbane, Melbourne. Lisa’s forthcoming exhibitions for 2019 include The Umbrella Art Studio,  Perc Tucker Art Gallery, TYTO, The Drill Hall in Townsville and Ingham.

She taught experimental, as well as, traditional painting techniques at Harris Museum and Art Gallery in Lancashire and she studied to become a silversmith jeweller, ceramicist and printmaker at night school. Before moving to Australia she worked full time as an interior designer and scenic designer for corporate and leisure industries in the UK.

With a unique eye for colour, Lisa regularly creates privately commissioned paintings and murals, in abstract, figurative, landscape and retro ‘pin-up’ genres.

Lisa’s new body of landscape paintings documents time and place. She is fascinated with’ man’s need to re-organize a nature which has its own order. The work contains surface scratches, drips, splashes, translucent layers, textural plains to create space and beauty in a variety of mediums, predominantly oils on canvas. Australia’s beauty and scale, its shape and spaces, its light and energy are stimulating and inspiring. Through her experience of different places and the putting together of both vibrant and subtle shades of colour, she is able to begin to portray some of the depth of the land.

Her work is inspired by everyday life and are known for their labour intensive mark making. Her larger abstract paintings are expressive with luscious textures and a bubblegum use of colour.  Lisa’s work usually has an underlying statement about the culture we live in, our human condition, environmental issues, poverty, vanity and morality.

“The core of my ‘abstract’ work can be read at their most as action paintings which are energized, bold and  fully brazen. I am drawn to and respond to the multiplicity of repetitive patterns which occur at different scales in nature and in architecture. I hope to also capture my emotional response to places, with an aim to ‘preserve’ a moment in time”.

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