Terig Gem Wali 3

Terig Gem Wali 3by Tommy Pau

Tommy Pau

Acrylic on paper


These works acknowledge the artist’s mixed Asian and Torres Strait Island heritage. Notice the traditional TSI iconography to represent textile designs on contemporary kimonos

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About the artist

Tommy Robert Pau

Tommy is a descendent of the Eastern Torres Strait Islands, Australian Aboriginal, Papua New Guinea, Pacific Islander and Asia. He speaks Torres Strait Creole and Australian English.

He was taught about the need to keep culture strong through cultural practice by his father. He has a strong commitment to keeping old traditions alive and believes that culture must remain true to the past and move with time to exist in the future. Tommy has vast experience in the arts and his art forms of choice include printmaking, painting and three dimensional sculptures.

Some of his major life achievements include completing a Bachelor of Education and becoming a semi-finalist in the Telstra Art Award. His works are in major public and private collections in Australia.

He is passionate in representing Indigenous arts and artists in general and the protection and true representation of Torres Strait Islander arts and culture. He is a member of the Board of the Cultural Centre-Townsville, Umi Arts and Umbrella Studio Contemporary Art. Currently he is completing a degree in New Media at James Cook University.”

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