Maverick Fox.Rainman.Linocutprint. 400 x 600 Rainman $150.

Rain Manby Maverick Fox

46 x 31 cm

$150.00 inc. GST

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About the artist

Maverick Fox is an artist living and working on Palm Island. He paints and draws stories of his heritage. He creates computer generated art and enjoys working in new media arts.

In 2008 Maverick was included in the Indigenous Printmakers Masterclass project at Umbrella Studio participating in lino printing, monoprinting and etching workshops. His artworks are narratives of Dreamtime stories of the formation of the animals, fish and land forms of Palm Island. In his work The Ancestors he tell us that back in the Dreamtime, after people passed away their spirits go into the stars. In this work Maverick presents the Ancestors wait for spirits in the sky. Maverick’s work communicates his concern about the increase of pollution surrounding Palm Island the effect it is having on the sea life.

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