‘Lei’ Necklaceby Jeanie Adams

Fabric necklace

Wearers will find that these decorative pieces are very easy to wear, light weight, soft and in colours that go with everything, and each one is unique.

Length can be adjustable.

36 x 6 cm

$27.00 inc. GST

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About the artist

Originating in Victoria, I have also lived in Tasmania and Queensland, my homes varying from remote Cape York Peninsula to inner suburban Melbourne. Being an arts advisor in Aurukun for nine years has had a formative influence on my life and work. I have worked in teaching, community arts, curating, writing and illustrating books, and publishing. During 2000 – 2012 I was involved in a publishing venture, working with Indigenous writers and illustrators (Black Ink Press) to create beautiful picture story books. I support human rights and fair trade with design services and community arts activities.

Working with fabrics has always been a passion and a hobby. My textile arts have included knitting, crochet, patchwork, batik and screen-printing. These works epitomise my desire to eliminate waste, to use my hands creatively and to find beauty in everything. As works that can be worn, they reflect my desire to take art out of the gallery and put it in the hands of people. My visual influences, other than the materials and methods themselves, are the landscapes and the diverse people that surround me.

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