Hors d’oeuvresby Nick Drake

Oil on canvas

40.5 x 50.5cm

$400.00 inc. GST

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About the artist

The world spins so fast these days, so fast our heads might spin right off. Which is not good for someone with a nervous disposition as I have. In order to slow the spinning down just a bit, I propose to paint my fixations, memories, ponderances, to bring form where there isn’t form yet. This sort of painting is risky, because it lets people know how simple or shallow I am. Regardless, maybe it’s time to let this painter have a crack at making sense of our crazy times. 

For many years I have painted expressionistic landscapes of Brisbane and South-East Queensland, but have always painted freestyle figurative-expressionist paintings on the side. With this show, I’m aiming to expand the public’s awareness (and hopefully appreciation) of my varied practice. Nick Drake’s Imaginarium. Nick Drake’s Observatory. Nick Drake’s Laboratory. Nick Drake’s Lavatory. Nick Drake’s Crystal Ball. Nick Drake’s Reddit. Nick Drake’s Toy Hospital. Nick Drake’s Jet Propulsion System. A room full of works that come off the top and from the depths of my head- don’t you want to see where I spend too much of my time? 

Art is of the world, but it also shows us the Otherworld. Curiosity killed the cat, true, but it also gave us penicillin.

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