8pk Bai Tapau Greeting cardsby Bai "Wareed" Tapau

These bright and cheerful North Queensland inspired greeting cards are perfect for many occasions. The inside is intentionally blank so you can write your own personal message. Each 8 pack includes 8 white envelopes.

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About the artist

Wareed Tapau, known to her friends as Bai, is an inspirational artist. Her family comes from Mer (Murray) Island in the eastern Torres Straits. She is the eldest of nine children. Wareed’s artwork reflects the beauty of the island and as a young girl she sketched on boards or bits of cardboard whilst sitting on the beach. She has been painting since pre-school and was encouraged by her family to continue to paint because she is passionate about it.

Her paintings blend a contemporary perspective with traditional designs from familiar images of the reefs that surround her island. Her work conveys playful combinations of colour and icons of life beneath the sea. But she is concerned because pollution is killing the reef she loves.

Wareed is a Thalidomide baby and was born with only one finger. Because of her disability, life was very difficult for her. Wareed’s great strength, her love for painting, the encouragement of her family and a deep personal faith enabled her to develop her independence and artistic talent.

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