11/12/2018Biennale of Australian Art, BOAA review


Biennale of Australian Art, BOAA 21 September to 6 November 2018 Ballarat, Victoria The Biennale of Australian Art (BOAA) began its inaugural festival in Ballarat, just 1.5 hours on the train north of Melbourne. Ballarat originally was a gold mining town with many stunning heritage buildings built during the gold rush of the 1850’s. It was also famous for the Eureka Rebellion among many other things. BOAA is an arts festival to showcase Australian artists and to create innovative contemporary art. It had more than 150 artists, 65 solo exhibitions held around 14 locations across Ballarat. There was a variety of sculpture, installation, drawing, painting, photography, performance, music, huge painted landscapes. There was a free bus (to ticket holders), every so often taking viewers to each venue and there was no shortage of people and plenty of places for coffee. Many of the heritage buildings are now empty and have…
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27/11/2018Australian Print Triennial 2018 Review


Australian Print Triennial 2018, Mildura 31st Oct – 4th Nov 2018 “The Australian Print Triennial is a major international art event spearheaded by The Art Vault that will bring together artists, academics, arts ambassadors and practising printmakers from Australia and overseas to engage in a celebration of art printmaking and its significance in modern Australia’s Art’s culture.” To read more of Robyn Archers forward for the event click here This 2018 world-class event ran over five days. The first 2.5 days comprised of Community Workshops, Artist workshops, Presentations and Demonstrations. A fabulous Meet and Greet at Stefanos Café, one of the event sponsors, kicked off one of three opening launches in venues on Deakin St, the Young Emerging Artists Exhibition, Exhibition by La Trobe students from Mungo, and the Exhibition of Indigenous works. Congratulation to Lauren Carter, an Umbrella member who had a beautiful triptych in the Young Emerging Artists…
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28/10/2018Sydney Contemporary Art Fair Review

Paper contemp

            Sydney Contemporary Art Fair 12th – 16th September 2018 Carriage Works Redfern Sydney The Sydney Contemporary Art Fair has just presented its fifth major expo. Beginning as a biennial event in 2013, the Fair is now an annual event that presents works through International and Australian galleries plus artists and art groups. This year the Fair showcased 87 galleries, over 300 artists and had sales of over 21 million dollars. The Fair is held in the old Eveleigh railway carriage and blacksmith workshops dating from the 1880s and is a very interesting building. Sandi Hook and I attended the Fair for 3 nights and 4 days starting with the Wednesday Preview night. The fair was divided into sectors: Galleries (established International and Australian galleries), Future (emerging artists and new work from new galleries), Paper Contemporary (in association with the Print Council of Australia focusing…
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08/05/2018Overview – Andrew Bonneau’s portrait painting workshop

Day 3_Final Pass6_Tony Fitzsimmons_30April2018

We were recently fortunate to be able to host Archibald Prize finalist, artist Andrew Bonneau, for a three day portrait painting workshop. In the three days we worked entirely from the model, concentrating on head/shoulders of the sitter. The workshop studio space was lit so that the model had a lighter and a darker side, to assist in the transfer of a three-dimensional image onto our working surfaces. The seated model was on an elevated platform, which brought her eyesight approximately level with the artists at their easels. All aspects of the process were discussed and demonstrated, such as proportion, anatomy, consideration of perspective, an appreciation of the form in relation to the light source and with this in mind modelling the form in three dimensions. General and specific oil paint procedures were covered, including colour theory throughout. The painting surface was prepared prior to the workshop, and instructions were…
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12/10/2015+One Exhibition Review by Michelle Hall

Plus One is a courageous exhibition of works by nine artists who completed their training at James Cook University. Artists include Neil Binnie, Jade Browning, Ben Green, Caitie Nettlefield, Douglas Prescot, Dianne Purnell, Kathrine Olive, Justine Reid and Katya Venter. Showcasing works from a wide variety of creative genre, as a group and individually, Plus One affirms the emergence of the nine.  What binds the works together, for me, is their firm grasp on what is possible in regional contemporary art. As Bourdieu notes in The Logic of Practice, “Only in imaginary experience, which neutralises the sense of social realities, does the social world take the form of a universe of possibles equally possible for any possible subject.” From the intimate illustrations of Neil Binnie and Jade Browning to the fine prints of Caitie Nettelfield we travel through the realistic to the hyper real.  Exploring the relationship between self and…
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24/03/2014Artgaze Review: Variations in Blue

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29/06/2013Artgaze Review of Florae

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25/05/2013Artgaze exhibition review: Mesh

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10/03/2013Artgaze exhibition review: Self

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05/11/2012Artgaze exhibition review: Essential Women

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