Zuni Drake

Hello. I am an author and artist. I publish my original stories with accompanying images created with pen, classic and watercolour pencils. My latest book is titled Encounters with Nature in Suburbia which had its Book Launch/Artist Talk at Umbrella Studio on 15th December 2019. The four short stories of the book relate harrowing yet often comical encounters with household cockroaches, attacking curlews and swooping magpies. I have a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Anthropology and Archaeology and have always found myth and legends exceptionally interesting which saw me write and publish a mermaid story in 2004 titled Land Mermaid in Australia (juvenile literature) along with a colour-in book titled Land Mermaid in Australia: Doodle Book 1. Because I have a passion for unusual phenomena my next two books will revolve around ghostly and supernatural themes.