Wendy Pepyat

My love for art has always been there, as a child all I was really good at was art. I spent many hours in my own bubble drawing and painting, absorbed in a whole other world where I had control and was the creator. I spent many hours doing classes and exploring art in my spare time, trying to escape the dryness of my career in banking, which spanned 30 years. I would ponder frequently and now I realise I was manifesting, how great it would be to just paint everyday and do nothing else. ‚Äč I am deeply spiritual painter and being plugged in intuitively allows me to channel my work, which means it all comes from a higher source, or the Universe if you like.   I have even dreamed some paintings, seeing myself put each brush stroke on the canvas, then the very next day bouncing into the studio to paint that dream and bring it to life.  I never really know what I’m going to paint until almost completion, I love the excitement of each creation and finding the message within.  I really love to paint how things feel to me, or their true essence. I want my viewer to find the story within them selves through my work.   Every painting has a story and the ability to heal through it’s own vibration. I’ve had people burst into tears, or be mesmerised by my work, that has shown me how deeply a painting can touch it’s audience. Using lots of paint in layers and plenty of glazing medium that creates depth and a translucency really adds to the magic of my paintings. I use brushes, fingers, pallet knives, spatulas, or what ever is at my finger tips to make marks or push the paint around the canvas, because I love texture too.  Putting paint on then scrapping it off, then putting more on, then scrapping that off, scratching in symbols and maybe just lines.  Mostly though it’s all about the colour, I kind of think you can paint what ever you like and it will be successful if you use the right colour in the right place. My inspiration is my urgent need to get all those paintings that are inside me just begging to be created, out and into the world.   I also find colours and patterns inspiring, sometimes the most bizarre colour combinations actually come from nature. I have painted a lot of paintings with nature and bees, the symbology of bees is so amazing if you take the time to read about it.  I also went through a period of time when I just wanted to put certain colours next to each other in a more abstract fashion.    I really don't want to put myself into a box and say I am any certain kind of painter, each time I think I am this or that, I change into something else through my constant experimentation.  I do know that I am an authentic painter, staying true to my inner knowing.  Upon reflection colour really is my thing, so if there needs to be a label then that’s it.