Exhibition Proposals

Applications are assessed twice a year. Members can submit applications at any time. 

Umbrella Studio invites exhibition proposals from established and emerging contemporary visual artists and curators seeking to present new and original work in a professional gallery environment. Applications are accepted at any time, however the next assessment panel will meet in October. Please submit your applications by midnight Monday 7 October 2019 to be considered for a 2021 exhibition. All applications will be considered for 2021 and beyond. A Program Sub-committee assesses proposals / applications. Successful applicants will receive a letter detailing their exhibition arrangements. Umbrella Studio strongly supports emerging artists and the social and cultural diversity of the North Queensland region, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Please note Umbrella Studio is moving to a new home which will be 408 Flinders St. Information about space sizes, layouts and their Terms of Use, Application Form and Exhibition Contractual Arrangements are available below. These documents are subject to final approvals, renovations and discussions. As a rough guide there will be three exhibition spaces for applications: Space 1 (large), Space 2 (medium), Space 3 (small). Different terms and conditions apply for the use of each of these spaces. Images and other opportunities coming soon.

You are required to be an Umbrella member to exhibit at Umbrella Studio. To become a member, click here.

Submit the Online Exhibition Application Form

Download the updated 2019 Exhibition Handbook | Applicants and exhibitors must refer to and adhere to this handbook and the guidelines within. Please refer to this updated version (September 2019).

Download the updated Artist Fee Policy

Download the Commission Policy