Sustainable Lighting upgrade project


UPDATE 27/06/18: Wow thank you so much! We now just need $3,000 to complete the project!


UPDATE 14/06/18: We have received two large donations of $1,000ea and several smaller donations for a total of $2,780. We still need $15,536 to complete the project!


Sustainability is a key driver for operations at Umbrella Studio. In our last lease agreement we were able to work with our landlord to have solar panels installed on the roof which now power around 60% of the gallery! Make a tax-deductible donation this EOFY to help us with our next project. 

Last year we had a free consult with Ergon Energy about how to reduce our carbon footprint and save on electricity. The number one biggest “bang for buck” that we can make, is to change the gallery lighting. This is because currently we are on old tungsten lighting which is an old and inefficient technology – and power hungry. These lights burn VERY hot wasting a lot of energy and proving unsafe for staff and volunteers compared with newer technology. In addition, the air conditioner at the gallery must work harder to cool the space due to all the heat generated by the older lights.
Project Header

The board and staff researched gallery lighting, and best practices recommended by Museums and Galleries Queensland, and chose a new LED-based system which is the most efficient technology currently available, is artwork-safe, doesn’t burn hot, and represents colours more accurately (very important for our industry!).

We are using the same contractors who installed the lighting for Perc Tucker regional gallery – as the most qualified and experienced gallery lighting team in Townsville (Yes! We support local businesses AND artists!). The total project costs are $18,316.

This covers all the electrical work, the new light rails (necessary as the new fittings won’t work in our old tracking), the fittings and LED units, plus a wall panel for controlling the tracks.

Umbrella has been serving the Townsville arts community for three decades, and we want to ensure that it continues to do so for another three, so please consider making a donation before the end of this financial year. It is important, now more than ever, that we seek your support to continue our mission.

With the end of the tax year approaching, now is the perfect time to make a tax-deductible donation to Umbrella Studio. We can mail or email you a tax-deductible gift receipt for your donation. Every dollar helps!

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