Call for artists: Andre Reynaud’s Festival 2018 project


Vue From Gregory St


My name is André Reynaud and I have been put in charge of theming the Gregory Street entrance of Queen’s Garden for the Commonwealth Festival 2018.

I have submitted a project that has been accepted. It consists of a Bamboo structure supported by 2 scaffolding towers ( 1.2m Wide, 2.4 m Long and 4.8 m High).

I am planning on dressing that gate with pot plants, palms etc and having art works amongst it.

I have been trying different ways of showing what I envisage and failed with a full blown 3D rendering (my poor computer crashed multiples times) so I resorted to making a model that hopefully will show what I am expecting to do.

You will find attached to this mail a bunch of photograph of that model and 3 views ( Top, Side and Front) of a trim down 3D rendering, without plants and art works.

The works have obviously to be weather proof like things display during the Strand Ephemera, but I would also very much like to be able to have 2D works like paintings, printing etc.

I have also attached a sketch of possible little niches cut into the bamboo ( I am planning to use poles of around 100mm in Diametre) to display small pieces.

I see the gate as an outdoor Gallery to show of the wealth of art that exist in Townsville, there will be interstate and overseas visitors coming for the Basketball game played here). Each artwork will be identified with a number and a label to display the name of the piece, the artist, and eventually the price.

If you are interested in being part of that adventure, please send me an Email with a proposal.

If you have any question or idea also Email me and if you’ll like to meet me in the flesh we can have a coffee together and talk about the project.

Hoping to have you on board, you can email me on: or call 0418722066.

UPDATE 26 Mar 2018:

If you are still interested to bring some artwork to be included I am planning to build the gate during next week and over the Easter break. Give me a ring on 0418722066 when you are ready and we’ll meed at the garden to place the work in the structure.


Vue from the Garden Vue from the Top

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