Update – Pop Up North Queensland 2018


Pop Up North Queensland 2017

We would like to give interested PUNQ participants an update on where we’re at with Pop Up North Queensland for 2018.

We still intend to continue the project alongside the Australian Festival of Chamber Music in July and August and even though the 2017 event was a success, unfortunately we haven’t yet had success in securing enough funding for this year’s event (sad face).

The application with Tourism and Events Queensland was unsuccessful, with feedback that we needed more detail in our marketing plan to attract visitors from outside the Local Government Area. There was only one successful application in Townsville and the North Queensland region which was the Townsville Triathlon Festival. The other 31 funded events were outside North Queensland. Click on this link if you would like to see who was successful in receiving funding:

The Festivals Australia grant was also unsuccessful, the program received a total of 107 applications in which only 11 were successful (a 10% success rate). Demand for funding was extremely high and the funding requested far exceeded the funding available so unfortunately, we didn’t have much of a chance with this one. Click on this link if you would like to see who was successful in receiving funding:

We applied for $80,000 from Townsville City Council, however we were awarded just $19,000. This doesn’t provide enough to secure key resources such as 30 artists and creatives, an event coordinator and shop spaces so we decided to decline this and reapply with the hope to receive more funds. We have also recently submitted an application to Australia Council for the Arts Projects for Organisations grant program.


So, stay tuned, cross your fingers and thank you for your continued interest and support!

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