Arts Queensland Invests in Umbrella Studio



Yesterday it was announced that Umbrella Studio, along with 38 other arts organisations across Queensland would be co-funded for four-years from 2017-2020. This is very welcome news after not having received organisation funding from Australia Council who had their total budget slashed leaving many arts organisations left unfunded and uncertain about their future. Umbrella has received $150,000 for four years ($600,000 total) plus VACS funding of $55,000/year for the same period. This four-year commitment paves a sustainable future for the organisation as we now have some security to search for funding, sponsorship, philanthropy, or earned revenue to fill in the gap left by Australia Council. The co-investment from AQ in 2017 is up from 2016’s level of $121,500 showing the Arts Minister and Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s commitment to the arts in Queensland, and the many benefits it provides to a community.

The important thing to remember about our Arts Queensland funding is that it is a co-investment. We must make up the rest of our budgeted income through earned income from things like Venue Hire, Membership fees, Workshop Fees, Art sale commissions, etc. Other means are sponsorship, philanthropy, and other funding sources.

We are also fortunate to have received 3 years of sponsorship from Townsville City Council.

If you would like to support Umbrella with sponsorship, please get in touch with our Director. Our goal is to make Townsville a bright and vibrant city where people enjoy living, working, and staying. The arts promote humanity, mental health, empathy, and understanding, which are all things our city desperately needs at this time. We also have a spend local policy to ensure most of our service contracts stay within Townsville, maximising impact on the local economy.

We also want to thank our current sponsors for their support to date: The Townsville Bulletin, The Grand Hotel, Crystal Clear PR, Sister City Partners, Ardent Security, and 2Technical.

  1. A big congratulations to Umbrella and a huge sigh of relief!!