11/08/2016Co-creating Townsville Futures

17Aug event EDUARDO

JCU is running a series of industry and community evening engagement events in August, September and October. The free events will run on Wednesday nights 5:30-7:00pm at The Rum Garden, Heritage Exchange, Flinders East, Townsville. The series is called Removing the Boundaries – as in the boundaries between ‘town’ and ‘gown’ and also between civic leaders/professionals/stakeholders/members of the public involved in different aspects of our city’s and region’s life. The first of these is entitled ‘Co-creating Townsville Futures’. This first free event will run on Wednesday August 17th. How can Townsville and NQ co-create to innovate? …to what futures should the region aspire? The informal panel will be MC’d by Mr Warwick Powell, and each of the panel members will answer questions about what informs their vision for Townsville, but also any views that you might have about how the civic leadership, business, institutions and the community, may work together…
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09/08/2016Notice of General Meeting for Umbrella Members


  6:00pm Tuesday 13 September 2016 Umbrella Studio, 482 Flinders Street, Townsville Director Jonathan McBurnie wishes to call a General Meeting for Umbrella members. This meeting is open to all Umbrella members. The purpose of this is to ratify a proposed amendment to the Umbrella constitution, which would allow Umbrella to introduce a free one year youth membership to those under 25. The idea behind this is to increase the youth membership of Umbrella, and help foster the next generation of visual arts in Townsville, and to demystify the idea of the gallery to the uninitiated, and let them know that we are here, and we offer so many great events, workshops and services, not to mention a fantastic community of fantastic people. The youth membership will be the same as a regular membership, bar voting rights. At the expiry of the youth membership, a notice of expiry and request…
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03/08/2016Umbrella represents at MagnetiCon


In early July, Umbrella participated in MagnetiCon, Townsville’s first-ever first popular culture convention. MagnetiCon saw over 2,000 visitors over its two days, with specialty shops, cosplay, laser tag and wrestling. Umbrella sold dozens of zines, comics, artwork and apparel, distinguishing itself by offering small-run, artist made alternative and underground press. In association with this event, we held a Creative Business Workshop, thanks to a Townsville City Council RADF grant. Facilitating the workshop were young entrepreneurs Vlada Edirippulige and Phoebe Sheehy, who run Junky Comics and Phoebe Paradise respectively, both successful creative business in their own right. The weekend was an excellent learning curve for all concerned, and Umbrella hopes to do similar things in the near future!