Aber Update: Jill O’Sullivan


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Can’t believe how fast time is going.

I’m getting quite fit climbing up the hill to the studios each morning, some very steep rises and I’m convinced that Aberystwyth is made up of steep hills and hundreds of steps. (Actually this seems to apply to most of Wales  from my experience).

I am working across engraving to produce quite a number of prints (plus making drawings, paintings and collages as well). Has been great just working away on different mediums. Images are being developed from my travels and the regions around here. Most are precursors for larger works, i.e. lithos, etchings and relief, though engravings are going to play a more noticeable part of my future printmaking.  I have caught up with the Paul Croft, the author of Plate Lithography and Stone Lithography and also Aberystwyth printmakers at last. They have a very small space, packed with a litho press, Albion and etching presses. Apparently have only temporary premises and they need to find another space soon.  Access to presses there works out about $4 per hour (plus of course membership) with all material being supplied by the printmaker using the presses. I think this includes blankets.

Have set up my own hand little printing space in the studio, which is working very well and makes me quite independent of local printmaking access

Printmaking is a very important part of the Aberystwyth Art school, as is life drawing, painting   and the fine arts.  They cover the full range of printmaking and have good presses. Access to the print studios here at the art school is somewhat limited to the artist in residence program which is quite understandable given the number of students there, work place safety requirement s and insurance etc.

Off now to do a Lunchtime lecture at the Aberystwyth University Art School and a tutorial in professional practice to 2nd year art students at 4pm and have been lined up to do a phone interview with the BBC tomorrow. We have our open studios next week.

All very exciting indeed and no, not ready to come home at all.

See you all soon.

Jill O’Sullivan

  1. Donna Beningfield says:

    It is really inspiring to read your update and hear what is happening. Studio looks fabulous…congrats and looking forward to seeing your works when you return. Donna

  2. Well done Jill. The studio is looking full and productive. Looking forward to hearing all about it

  3. You look like you have been very busy and the old studio looks great Jill. I bet you will miss the place, we look forward to seeing you at home. Alison