02/12/2013November news from Aberystwyth

November, my last month here! As you know the Art Centre has a very impressive ceramic collection and frequently hosts or curates exhibitions from prominent U.K. ceramicists.  For the last 6 or so weeks there has been an impressive exhibition featuring the works of Irish born Michael Flynn. One of the most prolific and well known figurative ceramicists of his generation Michael’s works are heavily influenced by his love of storytelling and folklore. I really enjoyed listening to his yarns and a week or so later, when on our scheduled trip to Cardiff (to see southern Wales) took the opportunity to visit him in his studio which was overflowing with 30 years of work. A treat to see. Our (resident artists) trip to Cardiff coincided with the first snow of the season with the falls becoming heavier and heavier as we drove over the mountain range.  However, once over the range the weather…
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