27/11/2013Call for Artists: Made from Scratch

I’m organising a forthcoming exhibition at the Museum of Tropical Queensland called Made from Scratch. It’s about show casing the creative talent we have in our community. What I would love to see is that special, amazing item /s  that will make the difference between a good display and a really great display, and which will make visitors exclaim,  “WOW”.  Yes – a  WOW factor!  We’ve had the car, we’ve had the dalek and now …..?? Within reason, there is no restriction on what can be exhibited. The item or items can be controversial, enormous, tiny, reflective of social comment …  and it doesn’t  have to be made from re-cycled material.  It can be glued, sewn, carved, strung or welded etc. Large items can be hung on a wall or displayed on the floor.  Small items can be exhibited in a display case with other people’s small items. It’s an…
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20/11/2013WANTED: Sculpting Mentor

Wanted: artist to teach and mentor novice interested in sculpting. Only experience is with Hebel, happy to experiment with other mediums and techniques. Very enthusiastic and passionate student. Please contact Maxine on 0428558868 or

19/11/2013Compact Prints showcases at the Artslink Queensland Gallery

Compact Prints 2012 is now showing in Brisbane for a short time only after its international tour. Artslink Queensland is delighted to have the rare opportunity to showcase one of the new exhibitions coming on tour with the Exhibition Touring Program during  2014. They invite you, your friends and colleagues to come and ‘sneek-a-peek’ this wonderful array of 166 compact-disc-sized prints during its short visit. Compact Prints 2012 is available for your enjoyment 9am – 5pm (Mon-Thurs) in our new gallery space at 24 Macquarie St, Teneriffe (click here for the Google Map reference). The exhibition continues until Wednesday 4 December 2013. The exhibition is available to loan, booking can be made –

17/11/2013Experience the Arts at Umbrella Studio 2013

06/11/2013Gerald Soworka selected for artist residency at Aberystwyth in 2014

Congratulations to Umbrella Studio artist/member Gerald Soworka for being selected for the Artist Residency at Aberystwyth Art Centre during June, July, August 2014. We hear it was a very competitive round and difficult decision for the selection committee. Well done Gerald!

04/11/2013Compact Prints 2012 still on the road…

Compact Prints 2012 is continuing on a new journey with Artslink Queensland, who will be touring the exhibition through regional Queensland during 2014-2015. This is the third Compact Prints exhibition that Artslink have toured – 2008, 2010 & 2012. We great appreciate their support for the exhibition and promoting Compact Prints to the rest of Queensland. The tour overseas was a great success and we will aim to do another international tour again with Compact Prints 2014.

03/11/2013Young Artists QR Gallery People’s Choice Winners

Umbrella would like to congratulate all the Young Artists QR Gallery people’s choice winners that were presented their prizes at the awards night on Friday 11 October 2013 during the Creative Generation exhibition opening. A huge thank you to Audio Technica for sponsoring the exhibition program and providing the prize packs for the winning artworks. The Young Artists QR Gallery is designed to showcase North Queensland regional students’ creative work. Bolted to the side of the Umbrella Studio building is a 3 x 3 metre banner displaying a massive QR Code. The Code is a portal that links to the online gallery page on the Umbrella Studio website. This is an opportunity for young artists to promote their own work, see artwork created by other students and receive moderated critique. During 2013 Umbrella hosted five online exhibitions in our Young Artists QR Gallery. One young artist was selected as the People’s…
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Flow: Sculpture by the Sea

In October artist/Member Jan Hynes, Christine Harding and I flew to Sydney to assist Alison McDonald with the install of FLOW in the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition. It took a crew of Alison, her husband, the three of us ladies, a fork lift and three additional helpers to move the 12 meter artwork in its assigned position. It was a blazing hot day and what a funny site we would have been, walking in single file while carrying the rolled up blanket of plastic caps along the Tamarama cliffs, then hoisting it  and ourselves over fences. We had a crew on the top and at the bottom communicating about placement, measurement and then slowly rolling it into place carefully without dropping it into the ocean or on top of an unsuspecting jogger. FLOW put Townsville on the map, with only four Queenslanders out of 106 exhibiting artists from around…
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