Sea and Sky: our country and its creatures Monoprints by Murris in Ink Printmakers – a book published by Umbrella Studio


Part of the brief for the recently completed Townsville Hospital Commission was to  compile information about the Murris in Ink printmakers and the artwork stories for the waiting room at the Townsville Hospital. With the help of an online book publishing company we created a professional, full colour book that will reside in the Imaging Waiting Room and be enjoyed by the hospital’s patients and their families. For those of you who don’t know about Blurb, it is an online publishing company. Blurb self-published books are bookstore-quality, printed on gorgeous paper and can be designed with either a hard or soft cover, we selected the hard cover for the Imaging waiting room. Our book titled, Sea and Sky, our country and it’s creatures provides details of the mono print process, and then introduces each of the Murris in Ink printmakers with detailed stories of each work installed in the Hospital.

This is a useful and interesting book that will bring a bit of visual relief to the hospital clients waiting for their x-rays and various treatments. We printed a few extras because we had requests from a few teachers who wanted it for their school or personal book collection. The price is $42 for a soft cover book.

Sea & Sky Book