Ozlem Yeni

I studied painting, completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Suleyman Demirel, Turkey. Before becoming a full-time artist, I enjoyed an 18-year academic career as a lecturer in Theatre Stage Design in the Performing Arts Department at the University of Dokuz Eylul, Turkey. In this time, I attained my Masters Degree and Ph.D. in Theatre Stage Design and Construction there. To date, I have had a number of solo and group exhibitions in Turkey, Japan, Australia, and Albania. The inspiration for my works stems from my belief that everybody has an individual story, which is written spontaneously. Just like characters in the theatre, we play various roles in our scriptless lives. Sometimes we are the protagonists, sometimes we are the supporting cast, and other times, we are just the passerby. So, to me, everyone's story is unique and precious. As an artist, I try to touch these stories and paint with these questions in mind; Who are we? Who were we? and Who will we be? The characters in my works do not possess any particular gender, age, religion, nationality, skin color and are not flawless. Instead, my characters are illustrations of mankind's attributes, the ones that make our lives meaningful. They are representatives of our universal moral values. It is the presence or absence of these moral values in our lives that provoke the extensive palette of human emotion. I invite the audience to approach my works with an openness that allows them to engage in a self-directed journey. My aim is to increase awareness of our own situations in life, relate them back to common global goals, so we can make changes to improve the existences for all. Style; I am an adventurous painter who works in both expressionist and abstract modes to express deeply felt notions of human nature and natural beauty. I work in several style and techniques and now mixed media on heavy paper or canvas. I also use same inspiration for my clay sculptures and reliefs.