Indigenous Art

Here at our gallery in Townsville, we have a range of Indigenous art for visitors to see. Drop in to see our catalogue and ask a staff member to show you the work, or you can shop online. Umbrella has taken up the torch of celebrating the culture of our first nations peoples since the Cultural Centre (TATSICC) closed down, and we take our Indigenous members work up to the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair each year. We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which we operate: The Wulgurukaba and the Bindall peoples.

Feature image: “Wer Tik” linocut print by Tommy Pau, from his exhibition: Ad Wer – Story of the Stars.

Are you an Indigenous artist who wants to work with us? Please fill out our form below to let us know.



Due to the severe weather that has affected Townsville recently, the office staff have temporarily relocated offsite. Please note the Gallery itself will remain closed until further notice. Please check our Facebook page for up to date information.