Notice of General Meeting for Umbrella Members

August 9, 2016


6:00pm Tuesday 13 September 2016
Umbrella Studio, 482 Flinders Street, Townsville

Director Jonathan McBurnie wishes to call a General Meeting for Umbrella members.

This meeting is open to all Umbrella members. The purpose of this is to ratify a proposed amendment to the Umbrella constitution, which would allow Umbrella to introduce a free one year youth membership to those under 25. The idea behind this is to increase the youth membership of Umbrella, and help foster the next generation of visual arts in Townsville, and to demystify the idea of the gallery to the uninitiated, and let them know that we are here, and we offer so many great events, workshops and services, not to mention a fantastic community of fantastic people.

The youth membership will be the same as a regular membership, bar voting rights. At the expiry of the youth membership, a notice of expiry and request for renewal will be sent as per normal. This motion has the support of the Umbrella board, however because it needs to be added to the constitution, the final say belongs to the Umbrella membership, and a motion will be presented, and voted upon. A chair for the general meeting will be selected by members in attendance (this can be Jonathan, or any Umbrella member).

If you are unable to attend the General Meeting, you can appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf. Proxy forms will be available at the Umbrella office or by downloading the form below.

  1. Michell McGuinn says:

    I am not able to open the Proxy form for some reason? Please register my vote in favor of free youth membership. Or allocate it to the chair. Thanks, Michelle.

    • Angela ADMIN says:

      Hi Michelle,

      The file is on dropbox and we’ve had four people download and send in successfully – you may need some support with your device.

      We can’t register your vote without a proxy form. But don’t worry – we have confidence it will pass tonight. :)

  2. sonia ward says:

    A great idea free membership for under 25s fully support

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